Betuel Saracut I am a becoming entrepreneur who wants to share with you everything that I learn in my journey.
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I want to become a successful businessman and a successful investor who can make a difference in the world by helping others to become as prosperous as I am (hmm, ok, I would be, ‘cuz until now I didn’t reach that level of wellness but I’m working on it and it will be soon).

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Hey guys, as you already know, there is blood in the market like never was since 2017. It is not a good time for some of us, I mean look at what happened with Terra Luna. I’ve heard about people that lost all their money, some of them were thinking of committing suicide. That is a serious thing. But this happened to them because they were too greedy. Don’t get me wrong, I don't want to blame them, but it is our responsibility how we manage our money. I know [...]

  • Web 3.0 does nothing!

Web 3.0 does nothing!

April 16th, 2022|0 Comments

I am pretty sure that if you already are in the crypto universe you heard about Web 3.0. If not, don’t worry you didn’t lose anything big, yet. So today I want to tell you [...]

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