Hi there guys, today I want to talk with you about an interesting thing, so keep reading and in the end, tell me what you think about the subject. 

I don’t know how it is in your country but here, in my country, Romania, I know that there will not be a retirement pension for me. Why? Because of all the economical things that happen now and because there will not be enough young people to work and pay our pensions. The negative demography and the economical instability will lead to an extended age of retirement. This will mean that people will retire at 70 in the next few years. So this thing doesn’t make me happy and I think that nobody will be happy if at some point, maybe after he worked for forty years, the government will tell him that he still has to work at least another ten years. And of course, I am not one of those who can go to a 9-5 job. There is nothing wrong with having a 9 to 5 job, if this makes you happy or it fits better to you, it is fine. Congrats! I will respect you for being able to do something that I can’t do. It is not that I don’t like a 9 to 5 job but the thing is that I become bored fast. If I get to the point where I understand the process of the job or the whole business, I get bored. For me, that is the point where it is the end of enjoying what I do. So that’s why I didn’t stay more than one year and a half (maximum) in one place. So, the big question for me was “What should I do in life?” Well, the answer wasn’t simple to find but I did it (I think). So I discovered that I have to do different things all the time. That’s why all the time I start a new project or I have a new project in mind. But this kind of comportment will not pay my pension in the end so what should I do? Well, there are two possibilities that at some point will become one. The first possibility is that all those projects that I already started or I will start, will pay my pension, and the second possibility is that I will find new ways to earn passive income. Or these two will merge and I will earn passive income from those projects. But until I am old enough to find the answer to this question, I want to tell you about how to earn money with a minimum investment and without working for that money. Does it sound good? Maybe too good? Well because it is too good.  Let me explain. Do you know Warren Buffet? Yes? Well, then you know that he is making a lot of money from stocks. He invests in all kinds of stocks and some of those are paying him back dividends or some of them are just being traded so he earns from the difference in the value. Now, you might think, “ok but where is the link between Buffett and me?” Well, my friend here, earning passive income from investments. And here we will not talk about stocks, gold, or even a simple token, no here we will talk about FARMS, crypto farms actually. What is a crypto farm? Well, a crypto farm is a liquidity pool where anyone who has crypto can put them to work and those will make more crypto tokens. But are not usual tokens, there are pairs of tokens or LPs. And what you are earning actually are those LPs. Which you can transform back any time. To be easier to understand, think like this. Let’s say that you have one million dollars and you don’t want to keep it in the house, it is dangerous. so you decide to put that amount of money in a bank. Now the bank will say that they will use that money to make more money by giving loans to those who need or to make investments. But because it is your money you tell them that you want to be paid because they use your money so they will give you an interest rate. Well, a liquidity pool is like a bank where the money is gathered and from there they are used by others. The difference between a liquidity pool and a bank is that nobody gives a loan from the liquidity pool. This is used only for exchanging tokens, those that are in that pair. Also because you put your tokens there you are rewarded with other tokens. Some liquidity pools have an interest rate bigger than others but of course, there are also bigger risks too. High risk, high reward, it is simple. But why should you invest in something like this? Because you will earn in two ways. First from the rising of the value of your tokens (when the market value is rising) and second from that interest rate which will give you other free tokens. Ok, but now you can tell me that you don’t have too much money to do that. That’s ok, you can start with a few bucks. And actually, this is my recommendation too. In this way, you get used to the process and also you can earn more. Of course, the rewards will be directly proportional to the investments. You can not expect to invest one hundred dollars and to get ten thousand in a few weeks or months. Keep this in mind, money makes money. If you have a lot you will make a lot, but if you have a few you will make a few. But at this point, this is not so important. The most important thing is to learn how to do this. The best investment that anyone can do is to invest in himself by learning new skills. Also, you have to work for it. There is no money without work, even if the work is not hard or it doesn’t take too much time, it must be there. 

So, in the end, I want to let you do this: put your money to work for you and they will give you passive income, this will help you to get retired whenever you want. Also start with less, learn, and after that invest your big cash. And of course, work, DYOR for projects, invest only where you see the value. Be careful to not be scammed, so DYOR. And last but not least, INVEST ONLY THE MONEY THAT YOU ARE WILLING TO LOSE. 



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Written by : Betuel Saracut

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