If you did see the “Ready Player One” movie then you already know what we will talk about in this article. If not, keep reading because this thing we will talk about will impact your life in the next ten-twenty years. 

I can bet that you have already heard about metaverse if you are a technology lover or at least you pay attention to what is happening in this area. If you don’t know what metaverse is you will find it here, so no worries. We will talk about what is metaverse and how it will affect our lives in the next few years. 

So to start with the beginning let’s find out what is metaverse. Well, it is a virtual universe where people can connect with each other, socialize and interact. There are many metaverses and each has its own utility so there are many opportunities. To be easier to understand just think of it, you already use a metaverse to socialize with your friends, entertain yourself, and interact with other people. This metaverse it’s called the internet. Yes, the internet is a metaverse but in two dimensions, because you don’t need a VR or this kind of technology to immerse yourself in this universe. But when we talk about the metaverse that is coming you can see it as a 3D one because you will need VR glasses and an avatar to be capable of interacting with others. 

But how will this 3D metaverse impact us in the next ten-twenty years and how do we get ready for what comes? Well, first, you can ask why I’ve put the question in this way. Why didn’t I ask about how this will affect our lives now or in the next year. Because the answer is simple, it won’t affect us in the next 2-3 years so much that we should be aware because this technology is at its beginnings and because of that literally there is no metaverse. We have just pieces of the metaverse, some mini metaverses that can’t do too much on their own. To be able to do something real and impactful all these mini metaverses have to be brought together in a big metaverse. Like the internet, if there is no internet, it’s irrelevant that you have an entire website built on your computer. There has to be that thing that connects everything together right now and maybe in the next 2-3 years, there will be nothing that can be able to do that. So no worries for the next few years. But you should start preparing yourself for the next decade because so many things will change and so many things will migrate to the metaverse. The first thing will be games. Just watch/rewatch “Ready Player One” and you will understand. The second thing will be meetings/socializing. As we have already seen in the last two years we started to have meetings and socialize more online so this trend will continue and it will evolve with the help of the metaverse. Another thing that will migrate to the metaverse will be the entertainment industry, everything that means concerts, shows, and movies. Also, many kinds of businesses will go there because their customers will be there. So how do we prepare for this big migration? Well, we have to learn how to use metaverse, and here I mean that we will have to learn again how to filtrate the information that we find there, in the exact way that we did on social platforms. Another aspect is that we have to learn new skills because this new paradigm can close the opportunities for some businesses and we will be on the point of losing our job so to be relevant in our area or in the work field we have to know new things. Also, this revolution will create new types of jobs that can bring new opportunities, and to be able to take advantage we have to be ready for this change. Of course, this change will not happen in a second, it will take time but that’s why I’m writing this article now when everything in this area is at the beginning. 

The main thing is that everything will change because of the metaverse, blockchain, and crypto and this is already visible. There is no way back, look at the internet if you don’t agree with me, so we should start to prepare for the next ten years if we want to make money and put food on the table for our families. 


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Written by : Betuel Saracut

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