1. Go back to the roots, buy some Bitcoin

With Bitcoin dominating the entire cryptocurrency market, it’s important to thoroughly educate yourself about all facets of this booming industry, especially the basics.

First things first: Bitcoin is a virtual currency and is like a stock or an investment. You can short sell Bitcoin, buy it hoping to turn around and sell it again for a profit next week, or make any other financial maneuvers that a traditional currency allows. However, you also can mine (yes, “mine”!) Bitcoin with some minimal technical knowledge, but as mentioned earlier on in this guide: mining is no longer profitable after the mining boom reached its peak in December 2017 (even if you’re running the best ASIC miner out there). If you’re interested in keeping up with cryptocurrencies because they’re a cool way of sending and receiving payments over the internet—and because they can be easier to spend than using dollars—it’s best to stick with traditional currencies like Bitcoin, and Ethereum instead.

2. HODLing is the most powerful weapon

The concept of HODLing, which means holding onto your crypto assets even during a market crash, is the most powerful weapon in your arsenal. It may not be for everyone—some people get bored easily and need different strategies to keep them engaged—but it’s one of the best ways to earn. The more you HODL, the more you’ll earn!

3. Make a bet. Buy a crypto coin that is not listed yet on the exchange you’re using

You can buy a crypto that is not listed on the exchange you are currently using. If the coin fits your investment strategy, consider buying it and profiting from the expected rise in its price once it is listed on more exchanges. There is a huge risk involved in this, as many things can go wrong, but if you do your research and believe that it’s a good investment at its current price, then you will make money if you’re right.

In order to find these promising new coins before they’re listed on mainstream exchanges, listen to what experienced crypto traders have to say about them. One good way of doing that is by following certain subreddits and listening to what people discuss there. Also, be sure to check out their social media accounts like Twitter and Facebook; most coins have at least one of them so they can interact with their community.

4. Invest in crypto projects that are still developing their product and services (IEOs)

You can try to invest as early as possible in a crypto project that is still developing their product and services. It is called an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO). You will be able to buy tokens from the project at its lowest price. However, this strategy is very risky. You must ensure that the following are true about the project:

  • It has a working product
  • It has a talented team
  • It has a good marketing strategy
  • It has a good business model
  • And lastly, it has a strong community

5. Loyalty pays off (or at least it should!)

Loyalty is a two-way street. In the crypto world, companies should not take users for granted—these users are valuable assets. But likewise, loyal crypto investors can use their followings to leverage special deals from crypto companies in exchange for their continued support.

For example, if you’re a popular YouTuber with a loyal following who makes educational videos about cryptocurrencies, you might be able to negotiate special deals with cryptocurrency exchanges to earn bonus rewards on your trades or get your fees waived.

An account manager of one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges told us that they had spoken to one individual who negotiated a deal where he received over $15,000 in referral bonuses by referring just 10 people through his YouTube channel and social media accounts!

This is why it’s important not only to choose an exchange with the best loyalty program but also make sure that they will reward you well for being an active user and advocate of their services.

6. Earn money renting out your hardware

When you’re not using your laptop, you can put it to work mining. You may not earn a decent amount of money, but if you have a powerful machine that’s capable of mining a lot, then it could be worth turning on when you’re not using it. Much like Nicehash mentioned above, you can use NicehashOS to easily rent out your machine for mining.

You can also do this with your gaming rig or any other computers that are sitting around idle. If they have the necessary hardware and they’re powerful enough to mine something more profitable than shitcoins, then go ahead and set them up to mine in their downtime (you could even make a dedicated machine that’s only used for renting out).

7. Get paid for sharing the content you like!

  • Get paid for sharing the content you like!

The internet is built on the idea that users should be rewarded for their participation, and platforms like Steemit, DTube, DLive, and 3Speak are making this a reality by giving people a share of their revenue when they share content they enjoy. Instead of conventional advertising or subscriptions, these platforms can earn revenue by allowing users to make micro-payments (as little as 1 cent), whenever they view content on their platform.

These platforms use cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Steem in order to operate. Cryptocurrencies are decentralized digital currencies which use blockchain technology to allow transactions without the need for an intermediary (such as a bank). Blockchain transactions are cheap, fast, and secure making them ideal for micropayments of 1 cent or less!

You can earn money by sharing content you like with your friends, family, and colleagues. By simply upvoting posts which contain quality content, you can help ensure that good writers get rewarded for producing great articles! Even better, if you produce your own videos, blog posts, etc., then you too will be able to increase your income through cryptocurrency!

You can earn in crypto without having to sell or buy anything!

I’ve written a lot in the past on how to earn crypto with money.

But what if you want to earn crypto without investing? Or without trading? Or without selling?

Or even without buying anything at all.

Luckily, there are ways to do this as well!



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Written by : Betuel Saracut

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